Danfoss VLT ® Motion Control Tool MCT 10

The Danfoss MCT10 Set-up Software is perfect for commissioning, servicing and programming drives. It provides the user with easy-control details as well as an accurate general overview of any systems – large or small. The software is packed with features which allow systems to run more efficiently and its design provides a wealth of other benefits to […]

The Engineer-Friendly VLT® Refrigeration FC 103 Drive

A new Danfoss drive contains wizard-technology which will make it far easier to install, fix and above all, understand. The newest frequency converter drive, the VLT® Refrigeration FC 103, is designed specifically to suit compressors, fans and pumps in any kind of refrigeration application – both commercial and industrial. However, it is thought that the […]

PNP offer a full Danfoss Drives service

PnP is proud to work in partnership with Danfoss Drives UK. Danfoss created the world’s first mass production inverter drives in 1968, and today they offer a full range of drive solutions. We operate as a UK distributor and sales agent for Danfoss Drives, as well as providing technical support and a high level of […]

Variable speed drives save energy and money

Every manager of a business is looking to find economies within their business energy usage, in an attempt to bring down their energy bills.  One way of doing this, is with variable-speed drives (VSDs).  Already a useful technology in this regard, further advances in recent years, in terms of maintenance and engineering, is yielding yet […]

Danfoss looks to tomorrow’s world

Danfoss is already known across the globe for its innovative and forward-looking approach to the design and development of cutting-edge engineered technology.  A world leader, Danfoss has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, its technology finding its way into mobile machinery, motor control, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning… literally bringing comfort and assistance to millions […]

Danfoss VLT Compact Starter
 MCD 200

Think petite… think cute… think… a Kylie Minogue amongst drives.  The MCD 200 is indeed a compact drive and a great starter solution, whilst retaining the reliability and durability you expect from a Danfoss drive. Technology, of course, continues to evolve and develop at an incredible rate.  New and extensive developments have come along in […]

Danfoss VLT 12-Pulse Drive Overview

Were Jeremy Clarkson to pen this review, he would no doubt tell you the 12-Pulse Drive is… a very serious piece of kit. Essentially a high efficiency variable frequency converter, like all Danfoss drives in the range it is extremely durable and very cost effective, whilst also providing for an extremely robust and dependable drive. […]

Danfoss IP66 Overview

The IP66/NEMA Type 4x marque of the popular Danfoss drive encompasses the VLT AutomationDrive, VLT AQUA Drive and VLT HVAC Drive.  A solid, durable and stylish solution, it is the perfect frequency convertor for a range that spreads from 0.25 to 90 kW. All the parts in these drives are formed of cast aluminium, which […]

Danfoss VLT Flex Concept – The Advantages

Growing competition, and ever increasing social and political pressure, lead manufacturers to constantly seek ways of reducing energy consumption and other environmental aspects; as well, of course, of reducing costs.  The new VLT FlexConcept from Danfoss is therefore expected, very quickly, to create huge changes in this sector, reducing costs by a significant margin. The […]