Data IQ Analyzer

Equipment: Fluke 434 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer Company: Data IQ Problem: Mains Voltage Generator suspected of damaging inverter when connected Solution: Click read more.. to view this case

Danfoss Drive Conversions

Danfoss continues to innovate with its VLT drives range updating and changing product codes to reflect new ranges.  Below is a handy guide to previous model numbers and their current range ‘equivalent’. VLT 3000 / VLT5000 / FC302 Drive Conversion IP20 / 21 Type without RFI with RFI VLT5000 replacement FC302 Replacement VLT3002 175H7238 5002 […]

New Load Test Facility at PnP

PnP has just commissioned it’s Bespoke Load Test Facility and now can fully load test inverters and soft start units up to 200Kw. The PnP UDT load rig consists of   75Kw 55Kw 37Kw 22Kw 15Kw 11Kw 7.5Kw 5.5Kw 2.2Kw and 1.5Kw AC motors which can be parralled in any combination to provide the correct load conditions for the […]

Millennium Stadium

The Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Danfoss have installed 2 VLT Inverters which are controlling screw jacks that can raise and lower a section of seating. This can provide access into the centre part of the stadium for HGV acticulated vehicles when events are being staged. One Danfoss inverter is performing the positioning movements – the other […]

VLT Drive Applications

Wrapper VLT® drives provide very fast accelerations even with high load in wrapping machines and robots. With built-in synchronising and positioning control the VLT® drives make wrapping machines extremely efficient and flexible. Equipped with VLT® drives, expensive servo systems are saved. Replace mechanical systems and add flexibility Wrapping requires precise positioning and synchronising. VLT® operated […]