Danfoss Drives History

Danfoss were the worlds first company to mass produce the frequency converter.vlt5

VLT®5 was the first mass produced variable speed electronic controller.

The electronic parts was embedded in oil for isolation and cooling. The name of the drive was derived from ”velocity control”. For a short period the name was ”Velotrol”, which since has been abbreviated further to VLT® – now the brand name for Danfoss Drives electronic motor controls.


Historical Time Line


The VLT® AutomationDrive series is launched as the first through-put modular developed and manufactured concept to cover all applications.

Danfoss Drives reached the target for recycling and sorting of waste products set for 2003. Now 65% of all waste products are being reused and only 25% incinerated.

Danfoss Bauer GmbH joins the Danfoss Group. The USA plants are environmentally certified.

The plant in Graasten has been currently enlarged and now covers 22500 square meters. The plant is environmentally certified.

Danfoss Drives take over the Graham Company in Milwaukee, USA. Graham is a renown provider of HVAC equipment in the USA.

Danfoss Drives acquires Hampton Products in Rockford, USA. Today 350 are employed in the USA.

The production of is moved into a plant dedicated for electronics.

In 1968 the Worlds first mass-produced variable speed control for AC motors was developed