Danfoss launch new MCT10 Version 5.11

The new version 5.11 of MCT-10 comes with some new and interesting functions, among others:

  • Condition Based Monitoring Plug-in is now available for the corresponding devices (older installed drives will need to be upgraded to support this feature, we are organizing a product manager to update us all on this feature asap )
  • ADAM 4571 Ethernet to RS485 converter is now supported
  • MCT-10 polling time can now be setup
  • New data structure for service log data
  • LCP 103 white list creator (release of certain drives or access restrictions)
  • Data from the MyDrive Connect App (LCP103) can now be sent to MCT10, edited there and sent back to the App for import. You can create offline MCT10 files and then send them to the app afterwards
  • SLC compatibility – It should no longer be an issue to import old SLC settings into new FC’s (1 SLC vs. 4 SLC’s)
  • MCT-10 real time scope: Measurements can now also be changed if the FC has been removed.

Please also note that Windows XP is no longer supported (has been for some time now, but re-iterated), if necessary, there is a separate version available, based on MCT 4.00.

Support for Windows 7 will also officially end on December 31, 2020.

Link to download MCT-10: