MyDrive® Connect for easy commissioning

Easy connection through pre-defined authentication

    • Intuitive graphical widgets and live graphs for monitoring
    • Quick parameter ID search
    • LCP copy to your phone or to the LCP 103 internal memory
    • Safe and secure wireless communication (AES, Advanced Encryption Standard)
    • Safe – special parameter for the user to configure the drive behavior when the signal is lost/app crashes. Also for recovery when the signal is restored
    • Multiple language support
    • Simulation mode

      • Fast and easy commissioning
      • Safe and secure communication
      • High performance with rich user interface
      • Uniformity with regards to existing LCP
      • Enhanced user experience
      MyDrive® Connect is a mobile application for commissioning and servicing of the VLT® HVAC Drive, VLT® AQUA Drive and VLT® AutomationDrive using one-to-one communication based on Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11). Intuitive widgets and user-friendly functionalities enhance usability.


    • How does it work?


    • Simple and connected – simply connected! That’s how MyDrive® Connect works. The wireless communication panel replaces the classic LCP, connecting to the RS485 adapter. After that, you connect your drive using the MyDrive® Connect App, which will be available for iOS and Android.
      So what’s in it for you?
      Did you ever commission a drive where you always needed to run back and forth between the drive and the application? Now, you can be close to the process, with the configuration of the drive at your fingertips. Setting up a drive has never been so convenient!