Danfoss IP66 Overview

The IP66/NEMA Type 4x marque of the popular Danfoss drive encompasses the VLT AutomationDrive, VLT AQUA Drive and VLT HVAC Drive.  A solid, durable and stylish solution, it is the perfect frequency convertor for a range that spreads from 0.25 to 90 kW.

All the parts in these drives are formed of cast aluminium, which is then powder coated in an extremely strong epoxy coating.  This makes the drive resistant to corrosion, but please don’t simply take our word for it.  Industry standard detergents have been used to test the IP66 range and the corrosion resistance of the units passed with flying colours.

Because of the tough durability of this equipment, there is no need for any expensive protective cover when used indoors, when the IP66 drives can be fitted right at the location of the processing equipment, and mounted by the motor, helping with modular plant design.  However, the drive should be installed under a cover for use outside, in order to protect it from the elements, whether snow or sun.

IP66 Performance statistics

Cabinet sizes for IP66/NEMA Type 4x enclosed VLT drives range from 390cm high, 200 wide and 175 deep up to 770cm high, 370 wide and 335 deep.

Dependent on that size, the drives within pack a might punch.  The IP66 operates between 3 x 200 – 240, V and 0.25 – 45 kW at a normal torque overload right up to 3 x 380 – 600 V and 0.37 – 75 kW at high overload.  Max power for the IP66 is 90kW, working with normal overload (110% over torque).


The drive comes with two sets of PC software operating tools.  MCT10 is used for commissioning and servicing the drive, whilst MCT31 is a harmonics calculations tool.  Two of the six digital  inputs can be used either as digital outputs, or as pulse inputs.

The drives also operate at an ambient temperature of 50 ̊C without derating, so that no oversizing or external cooling is necessary.

User-friendly, Danfoss functionality

The IP66 range offers many great functions and benefits.  The epoxy coating offers fantastic protection against corrosion, which assists reliable operation.  Also, the use of stainless screws greatly helps maintenance.  The in built EMC filter also negates EMC problems.

The IP66 is incredibly user friendly.  For instance, the inclusion of a watertight USB plug, mounted to a gland hole in the bottom, means that the set-up of the drive can be managed from the software, without any need to actually open the drive.  The costs and hassle of assembly are thereby vastly reduced, by the ease of installation.  A stainless steel back plate also allows for open mounting, guiding the air to the rear heatsink from the fan.  Imagine it as a frame, hanging on the wall.

The IP66 is also incredibly reliable.  Even in harsher environments, you can enjoy hassle-free operation because of the drive’s ingenious cooling concept, which means there is no ambient airflow over the electronics.  The durable single enclosure design also means the drive is essentially maintenance free, assisting with maximum up-time over the lifespan of the drive.


All in all, the IP66/NEMA Type 4x drives provide a fabulous solution for environments such as pump stations, wash-down areas, and other environments within the food and drinks industry.  And – if protected against icing – it can be used for rooftop condenser fans.  Its durability is equally matched by its ingenious economic functioning, saving you on your commissioning and operating costs!