Danfoss looks to tomorrow’s world

Danfoss is already known across the globe for its innovative and forward-looking approach to the design and development of cutting-edge engineered technology.  A world leader, Danfoss has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, its technology finding its way into mobile machinery, motor control, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning… literally bringing comfort and assistance to millions of people around the world.

danfoss distributorsThe Danfoss range of products has greatly helped industry in, for instance, the spheres of climate-friendly solutions, energy efficiency, food supply and sustainable infrastructure.  Such world-leading work will continue to provide step change solutions for all citizens of the world, and the communities they forge, together.

Proud of their past whilst equally committed to looking forward to the future, Danfoss have now announced a brand new global brand profile: “Engineering Tomorrow”.

So what is it all about and what does it entail?  Well firstly, Danfoss has always been committed to communicating with its core customer base, ensuring that it stays across perceptions of the company, and is receptive to ideas as to how they might evolve, and build.  To that end, Danfoss undertook a long, involved and ultimately illuminating process of liaising with both pre-existing and potential customers.  The intention of that consultation process was to unearth, distinguish and define the perception of Danfoss in the current industry marketplace.  Further, the consultation probed to discover what expectations of Danfoss there might be, as we all progress through the 21st Century.

Engineering tomorrow

The result is the concept “Engineering Tomorrow” – a global brand positioning that is new, innovative, and extremely exciting to everyone involved with the company.  Danfoss is now able to present the concept to the global marketplace.

“Engineering Tomorrow” sits within Danfoss’ overall strategy of “Core & Clear”, introduced in 2010.  This takes in several different, forward-looking strands, including a commitment to new activities in several key territories, thereby accelerating profitable growth, which of course will be welcome news to the market.  However, there are other more creative aspects to this new strategic position.  The concept is, for instance, illustrated in Christopher Bo’s new corporate film, a Cannes award winning director.  At the same time, the company’s website – danfoss.com – has also been stripped-down and rebuilt, to reflect this new brand position.

Danfoss are already a fantastically successful company.  However, the “Engineering Tomorrow” strategy demonstrates they are not content to sit on their corporate laurels.  Rather, they are looking to stand out, and draw attention to their future agenda through the solutions contained within this strategy, seizing on growth opportunities in markets around the world.

The consultation process, and resulting brand positioning, demonstrates the commitment of Danfoss not only to rest on its leading position in the global market, but to push forwards.  In simple terms, they are looking – always looking – to the future… and “Engineering Tomorrow” will form the foundation for that future.  After all, they are built for engineering… so why not engineer one’s own future?