Danfoss VLT 6000 HVAC Drive

The uses and utility of VLT drives are many and varied.  The 60000, in particular, is an exceptional drive.

In terms of ergonomics, the 6000 is so compact it can fit into the tiniest of spaces.  However, don’t let its dimensions fool you.  A dedicated HVAC drive, the performance of the 6000 is unparalleled.  An incredibly robust piece of equipment, as with all HVAC drives, the 6000 is built to function in the very worst of conditions, whether overheating, mains fluctuations, or indeed complete mains phase loss.

Small, yet perfectly formed, within this compact frame the 6000 nevertheless has everything required to commission, install and operate… all already built-in.

VLT 6022VLT Functionality

As with all VLT drives, the 6000 is designed, and built, to be incredibly user friendly, intuitive, and easy to use.  The quick set-up menu on the detachable LCP (Local Control Panel) for instance, minimises the need for programming. This 6000 also comes with AEO (Automatic Energy Optimiser), Autoramping and AMA (Automatic Motor Adaptation) functions as standard.  This enables the drive to automatically adjust to its varied applications.

Danfoss Performance

The VLT 6000 is available across the spectrum of power required by most HVAC systems.  This ranges up from 1.1 to 450 kW at 380-460V; and also to 1.1 to 45kW at 200-240 V.  The enclosure options are also perfectly suited for HVAC, from standard enclosure type IP20, to IP54.

Energy Saving

Centrifugal fans and pumps built into any HVAC system can consume the majority of a building’s energy.  The possibility for saving energy, and thus expenditure is, therefore, tremendous with a VLT drive.  The VLT 6000 HVAC controls its own motors in order that they only operate at the required speed.  This process is managed by the drive’s in-built variable speed technology.  This advanced technology reduces energy… and therefore maintenance costs.

VLT 6000 Accessories

As with all the VLT drives there are, naturally, a broad variety of in-built-in communication options.  As compared to other manufacturer’s drives, however, the 6000 comes with everything you will need built-in, and delivered as standard.  This includes a 2-zone PID controller, DC links coils and an RFI filter.

So, unlike other drives, with the VLT 6000 HVAC you won’t actually need to bother yourself with purchasing other additional equipment.


In conclusion, discover for yourself how these dedicated, clever refinements make the VLT 6000 drive a fantastic and economic investment for HVAC operations.

Soon, you will wonder how you could have ever possibly managed before…