Danfoss VLT ® Motion Control Tool MCT 10

The Danfoss MCT10 Set-up Software is perfect for commissioning, servicing and programming drives. It provides the user with easy-control details as well as an accurate general overview of any systems – large or small.

The software is packed with features which allow systems to run more efficiently and its design provides a wealth of other benefits to installers and operators.

MCT 10 motion control software danfoss

Using this software means that you can run all tasks from one PC – saving time on switching between workstations. It is formatted in an ‘explorer-like’ view, making it easy to use. More importantly, this means that a firm will not always have to employ an engineer to come and service the system; on-site employees can interact with the ‘explorer-view’ just like any Danfoss Drive specialist.

The MCT 10 helps ensure less downtime with its scope and logging feature as well as the in-built alarm history. These features make system analysis fast and easy. With simple training, an engineer can quickly diagnose a fault in the system and get it back up and running in no time.

Other features that make this product ideal for commissioning and servicing drives include the guided programming of cascade controller, real-time clock, smart logic controller and preventive maintenance system

Do you need the free or advanced version of MCT 10?

It is important to note that there are two versions of the software, the free version and the advanced version, which are suitable for different purposes and clients.

Many of the features available on the advanced version are not available in the free version, or are only available in a reduced capacity. Some of the most notable differences between the versions are as follows:

  • The basic version allows users to assign four drives to a project, whereas the advanced version allows unlimited drives in each project.
  • Logging and scoping is only available through two channels in the basic version. For the advanced version logging and scoping is available through eight channels.
  • Real-time logging is not available on the basic version while on the advanced version it is available through four channels.
  • The Alarmscreen is read-only on the basic version while it is freely available on the advanced version.
  • The advanced version includes a Grafic Smart Logic Controller, VLT5000 – FC302 Wizard – it can import 3000.xls files and is compatible with a motor database. All of which are not available on the free version.

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