PNP, Danfoss and energy efficiency

danfosslogo1PNP know that in the UK people are more and more concerned by energy usage and the associated rising prices of that energy.  This is particularly true in the business sector.  Building on an evolving culture of responsibility throughout the world, many companies are now quite rightly dedicated to operating as sustainable businesses, and global citizens.  Saving energy not only saves on usage, and money, but it also presents a responsible attitude to customers.

Danfoss carries this ethic through to all aspects of its business, building on foundations of aspiration, promise and behavior to ensure energy savings and efficiencies across its product range of drives.  At PNP we are extremely proud to work with Danfoss, and stock a range of their drives.  Sales is only the beginning of the service however, as this is backed up by 70 years collective experience in the industry; our range of bronze, silver and gold service contracts and 24 hour technical help.

Danfoss developed the first frequency converter back in 1968 and since that date, VLT drives have helped save energy in a huge variety of applications, in many varied industries around the planet.  This commitment can be traced back to Danfoss’ very early hardware and software design stages.  In terms of design, the improved process control of our range of Danfoss innovative, quality products means you are able to better protect the environment though reduced waste and lower noise emissions.  The high-energy efficiency, and energy saving features, also directly reduces energy consumption, a hugely important factor in this present culture of perennially rising energy prices.

Each year, production of VLT drives saves as much energy as that generated by an average-sized power plant, with consequent savings in both CO2 reductions and real costs.    So choose from Energy Saving Flash or VLT Energy Box software that allows you to compare the energy consumption of HVAC fans and pumps driven by Danfoss drives, with alternative methods of flow control. Working closely together, Danfoss and PNP can thereby remain committed to sustainability and making smart energy savings by using automated systems, creating the tools to maximise energy savings.

So, that’s the background to the relationship between Danfoss and PNP, and our shared, overarching approach to sustainability.  But how does that impact real businesses, on ground level?   Well as an example, let’s take a quick tour around the world: In Mexico, Daniso Mexico have eliminated 1,300 tonnes of CO2 and staying with South America, Columbian Waste Water Facility have saved 40% of their energy use.  Elswehere, Kartarpur Cold Storage have been able to save £3200 per month in energy costs.  Closer to home here in the UK, Belfast International Airport have reduced CO2 output by 500 tonnes each year.  And closer to our home in the North-West, Chester Zoo has saved 78% on their energy use each year… good news for the zoo (and for all the animals within their walls, now winter approaches!)

So, sustainability runs through our operations at PNP like a message in seaside rock.  Danfoss – both within the company itself and the products it designs and manufactures – is committed to the needs of the planet.  Here at PNP we are proud to support that objective and to promote the need for all of us, whether in a domestic or commercial environment, to get to grips with our energy usage.