Quick guide to the Danfoss FC 300 Series VLT® Automation Drive

fc302This Danfoss Automation drive series has been developed to maintain steady and exact control over temperature – this ensures great energy savings for any electrical motor driven device.  The FC 300 series of drives has a range between 0.25 – 37 kW (200 – 240 V) and 1.1 kW – 1.2 MW (525 – 690V).

Energy Efficiency

As regards the energy efficiency of the FC 300, intelligent heat management enables cooling to take place in two different ways, each offering different advantages.  With forced convection cooling, a fan blows the cold air through the cooling ribs of the aluminium base, to thereby remove heat.  With cold plate cooling, it’s possible to create external cooling through the back of the aluminium base.

During operation, the PM motor offers support to the magnet motor, for better system efficiency in both VVC+ and FLUX mode.  The Local Control Panel (LCP) can be plugged in, or out, during operation, whilst set-up software via the PC enables the user to easily switch settings from one drive to the other, via a control panel.


As standard, the FC 300 comes with Safe Torque Off (Safe Stop) function, in compliance with EN ISO 13849-1 Category 3 PL d and SIL 2.  Safe Torque Off can also be extended to comply with PL e / SIL 3.

The safety function can also be expanded to include many other options within the series, including Safe PLC I/O (MCB 108), PTC Thermistor Card (MCB 112), the Safe Option MCB 140 Series and the Safe Option MCB 150 Series.  The AutomatonDrive is also available in a ‘ruggedised’ version.  This extra level of protection means that components will stay securely locked in place, even when experiencing high levels of vibration. The printed circuit boards within the drive are also coated, to conform to class 3C2 – IEC 60721-3-3.  If the conditions of use are expected to be particularly harsh, an additional coating can also be ordered, to bring the drive up to standard for class 3C3.

Design quality

The Danfoss VLT® AutomatonDrive FC 300 contains many design aspects to help with the safe, smooth functioning of the drive.  The Smart logic controller, for instance will control the function of the drive based on certain external events, whilst the enclosures meet requirements for enclosure class IP 20/Chassis.

Options and Adaptability

The Danfoss VLT® AutomatonDrive FC 300 comes with a huge array of options, and also further accessories. Options are available for bus communication, synchronisation and user programs are also delivered ready to plug-and-play, covering motion control, power and high power.  The drive has 24V input option for control voltage, and options over display, and power, include Advanced Harmonic Filter (AHF 005/010), Sine-Wave Filters (MCC 101), dU/dt filter (MCC 102) and HF Common mode filter (MCC 105).


A wide selection of accessories suit any needs, including USB extension, LCP panel mounting kit, mounting brackets, mains disconnect option and Leakage Current Monitor Module (RCMB20/ RCMB35).