The Danfoss VLT® 2800 Series – an overview

danfoss-vlt-2800-lA general purpose drive, the 2800 boasts a factory added brake chopper and coated PCBS as standard. Its suitable for applications of up to 18.5kW.

Danfoss Design quality

The Danfoss 2800 Series contains many design aspects to help with the safe functioning of the drive.   Drives are mounted side by side, with zero clearance and ventilated heat sink, to ensure more efficient use of the panels.  The drive features a built-in RFI filter and can work to a maximum ambient temperature of 45°C, without derating.  The printed circuit boards are coated, and the design of the 2800 cancels outside cooling and therefore any requirement to oversize the drive.  Taken together, these features combine to create a robust, and yet flexible, drive.

Operating the 2800 Series.

The 2800 Series is very simple to integrate, and then operate.  A built-in brake chopper is standard, and the drive also features a fieldbus, PID controller, as well as automatic motor tuning, driven from a quick menu.  The drive is easy to start up, and fast parameter access then allows optimised process control and better performance.  The drive comes with RS485 based communication protocols, built-in as standard.

When operational, dedicated applications optimise operation and protection of system components, including dry run protection, enhanced sleep mode, speed compensated precise stop, and both precise and counter precise stop functions.

What options are supported?

Fieldbus systems are supported as options, including PROFIBUS DP V1: 12 Mbit/s and DeviceNet up to 500 kbit/s.

The 2800 Series comes in a range of variable output frequencies between 0 and 590 Hz, for applications from 0.55 – 18.5 kW to 0.37 – 3.7 kW.