The Engineer-Friendly VLT® Refrigeration FC 103 Drive

A new Danfoss drive contains wizard-technology which will make it far easier to install, fix and above all, understand. The newest frequency converter drive, the VLT® Refrigeration FC 103, is designed specifically to suit compressors, fans and pumps in any kind of refrigeration application – both commercial and industrial. However, it is thought that the wizard-menu technology will soon have many more uses outside of refrigeration applications.

On top of the environmental benefits that have become synonymous with Danfoss drives, this new drive solution is engineer as well as environmentally friendly.

FC 103 Drive set up wizardEngineers are rejoicing at the introduction of this new technology; designed so that there should be no need for an instruction manual. The built-in setup wizard speaks to engineers in their own terms, using refrigerator language rather than more complicated computing terminology. This makes programming the module far less stressful and will save field testers a lot of time and money over the drives lifecycle. Additionally, the new technology will likely reduce the need to call out a specialist engineer for installation or repair.

FC 103 Compressor Pack Controller

The compressor pack controller is equally easy to understand and can be installed by a refrigeration engineer in just five minutes. The wizard menu also has a troubleshoot section that offers ‘quick-fixes’ that are so easy that an engineer’s dog could understand and implement them. All of this means that in the event of a problem the drive can be back up and running in no time, minimizing costs associated with shutting down operations. With the VLT® Refrigeration FC 103 Drive there will be no need to cry over unrefrigerated milk!

It is hoped that in time to come this new wizard menu structure can be further rolled out across other industrial drives with uses extending far beyond refrigeration. Installing, repairing and commissioning Danfoss drives will soon become a lot easier for everyone.